Sunday, 26 February 2017

Current Concealer Collection...

Concealers are one of my favourite makeup items and I like to use different ones for each concern. My main ones are covering dark circles and blemishes. Sometimes I use them as my only base and then just add a little powder, this is usually enough coverage for me when having ‘good skin days’. I’ve tried so many over the years and I am always on the hunt for something better than I’ve used before! I have made many repurchases but can’t say I have found my ‘holy grail’. Below are the ones I am currently using…

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer - £7.99

As you can see I have nearly finished this, apologies for the messy packaging, not very photogenic! I think it’s an excellent budget concealer that does a great job at covering dark circles without creasing. Its enriched with Goji Berry to hydrate skin and contains Haloxyl which is an active formula to reduce the appearance of puffiness and shadows. The sponge applicator is gentle to the eye area and allows for flawless seamless coverage. I find it blends very easily and is a good match for my pale skin. This will be a repurchase I’m sure as its one of the best under eye concealers I’ve found and I’ve tried many!

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher - £25.00

This was an expensive purchase which I felt very guilty for buying at the time as I would never consider paying this much for a concealer especially as there are so many good budget options available. But there was a reason for this. The makeup artist for my wedding used this in my trial and it did an amazing job at covering everything that needed covering! Dark circles, blemishes, redness around my nose etc. So obviously the very next day I purchased it! I wanted it on hand for my wedding day so that I could re-apply if needed.

I have to say that although it does what it says it does, I have experienced creasing with this, so have to use a good setting powder afterwards. I also find it doesn’t cover big blemishes, you know the really red ones, so for those reasons I probably wouldn’t repurchase. But I do like the fact it’s an all in one concealer and if you are having a ‘good skin day’ then this would be sufficient and all you need. It is also very buildable and doesn’t look cakey so big thumbs up there as well!

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick - £15.00

This is probably my most used concealer at the moment, I have nearly finished this one and have a backup ready! It is just excellent for covering redness and blemishes without looking cakey or ‘overdone’. I can sometimes get away with using this as my only base as it’s so good at disguising everything without looking like I’m wearing a mask!

I love that it provides high coverage whilst still feeling lightweight on the skin leaving a satin finish that is neither matte or dewy. I find this is best applied lightly (a little goes a long way) and in small areas at a time using a buffing brush. It is densely pigmented to target and conceal severe skin imperfections and whilst I am lucky enough not to have any of those I still find it a necessity in my makeup bag as it is a one stick wonder for all concerns! I prefer to use this on blemishes, scarring and redness and not for under my eyes as I prefer a softer applicator for that area. But for the price I think this is worth a shot if you haven’t tried already! I love the packaging and being able to throw this little tube in my bag for when emergencies pop up!

Collecton 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19

The message here is simple, for the price buy it! It’s a high coverage concealer which is excellent at disguising blemishes! It can be a bit drying so wouldn’t use it on areas that are dry and I certainly wouldn’t use it under my eyes but for spots this stuff is the nuts! For oily skins this works brilliantly. It stays put all day and it’s as cheap as chips! The colour selection isn’t great as there are only 4 shades available but shade 2 ‘Cool Medium’ works for me. I like to apply with a concealer brush and use this to really get pinpointed coverage, you have to be carefully not to use too much at once as it can look cakey, so blending layers lightly is key.

What are your favourite concealers at the moment?

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  1. I love Rimmel Hide the Blemish.
    It's cheap [£3.99 I think] and it's really good and hard wearing. Covers those big red spots beautifully . Tracey x