Monday, 23 September 2019

Amika... more than just about looking cool*

You can’t help but notice Amika. They stand out. Their packaging is probably one of my favourites out there. So fun, so unique. They just make you smile!

But they are more than just about looking cool. They are the definition of cool. Going against industry standards of what they believe ‘perfection’ to look like, they encourage individuality. Understanding that beauty comes in all forms. They describe their products to be like a good friend - straightforward, dependable and fun to be with. This is exactly what I want in hair care and in life, to be honest!

Amika sent me a very special package which included 4 of their products to try. I wasted no time getting to know them. Free from the things I like to avoid in haircare, sulfates, and silicones, I was looking forward to seeing if they would change my hair game for the better. Post-pregnancy hormones have well and truly messed up my hair. It’s falling out left right and centre, I’m shedding like a dog. I was praying for a miracle.

Normcore Signature Shampoo and Conditioner

These are their antioxidant and vitamin-infused signature duo to normalise and balance hair. Hydrated, soft and shiny locks will be yours. I hoped...

Despite the lack of sulfates the shampoo lathers brilliantly thanks to coconut acid. The smell is insane, musky and luxurious.
From the first use I knew they were going to leave my hair soft and manageable. These give a real moisture hit to my bleached mane and work amazingly on frizz.

These are easily one of the best sulfate and silicone-free formulations out there, I would recommend these to people whose hair is in need of a bit of everything. Moisture, frizz management, colour protection, itchy scalp, damage repair. This covers so many bases.

I’ve loved incorporating these into my routine but if by some miracle I’m washing my hair more than twice a week then I don’t use these every time. I find that they can sometimes make my hair feel a little too heavy because they are very nourishing. I have fine hair but lots of it so it is easily weighed down. It’s not a massive complaint if a complaint at all but it’s the reason these don't work amazingly for me.

Next I am looking to try their Vault range which is specifically for coloured hair. The Velveteen Smoothing range also speaks to me...

Soulfood Nourishing Mask

Soulfood the Normcore duo this gives hair a heavy moisture hit along with that beautiful musky scent. It leaves hair so silky and soft, dry hair would crave this and my coloured hair is more vibrant when I use this for sure.

The thick pudding-like texture is a joy to smooth into hair and it takes minutes to get to work. I often use a small amount as my regular conditioner and it’s just so effective.

When I get the time I love nothing more than leaving this on for a good while to let my hair marinate in the goodness. It easily washes out leaving that lingering scent making you want to smell your hair every few minutes!
This will definitely be purchased and is easily one of my favourite hair masks I’ve tried.

Perk Up Dry Shampoo

What did we do before dry shampoo?! I know I’m not alone in admitting that my hair mainly survives on it. By day 3 I’m misting this all over my hair like my life depends on it. Rub it into my roots, give my hair a little poof up and I’m good to go! This adds volume and genuinely does ‘perk up’ my hair.

This is one of the best, if not the best formulation of dry shampoo I’ve tried. Completely undetectable it’s talc-free and truly mops up any oil. Not crispy or sticky and definitely not powdery. I recommend this to anyone who will listen!

The standouts in this collection are definitely Soulfood and Perk Up. They will both be purchased for sure. As for the shampoo and conditioner, I really enjoy using them but they aren’t ‘the ones’ for me. I’m still very much on the hunt for a staple shampoo and conditioner that works for my hair in all aspects. I have a feeling they probably lie within one of the Amika ranges, I just need to decide on which!

You can purchase Amika here at BeautyBay. They offer travel sizes as well which is such a great way to try them before buying the full sizes.

*PR/Gifted but all opinions my own.

Have you tried Amika? If so what are your favourites?

Thank you for reading xx