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Good Molecules*...Effective and Affordable Skincare

Effective and Affordable Skincare

This brand has totally taken over the scene and you will find them popping up on Instagram all over the place and for good reason. Drawing from their experience Good Molecules is founded by a team of beauty veterans who want to provide solutions to skin issues without the high retail mark up. Effective skincare at reasonable prices catch people’s eye and GM have been one of the brands to really deliver. It’s great to have more choice in this market as The Ordinary have reigned the crown for so long! I was kindly sent a bundle of their products from Beautylish and have been trialling them for a good few months so here are my thoughts…

Niacinamide Brightening Toner – $14

This is my favourite product in the range, the headliner if you will. The brands bread and butter (in my opinion). I used this every day since I received it and now the bottle is empty so that tells you everything! This has a thick essence like texture that easily dispenses from the aperture lid (it doesn't pour out quickly, you need to gently shake the bottle which I love). Either pat on with hands or apply with a cotton pad. Instantly the skin is bouncier and visibly brightened. 

Over time with consistent use this toner helped fade scarring and reduce the appearance of pores thanks to Niacinamide being up there as the 3rd ingredient. The ingredients in this are really fantastic, Arbutin improves the look of pigmentation while Liquorice Root soothes inflammation. A stable form of Vitamin C promotes collagen production and provides antioxidant protection. In fact, if you are sensitive to Vitamin C or Niacinamide then I highly recommend giving this a go as a way to amp up your routine. I love that it plays well with products layered over the top and it provides something beneficial for the skin with noticeable results. Will definitely be purchasing this!

Hyaluronic Acid Serum - $6

HA serums can be hit and miss; they are an absolute essential for me but I have tried so many that are sticky and unpleasant to use. This is neither of those things, it glides onto skin, is lightweight but not excessively runny and absorbs quickly without any tacky residue. It is one of the best HA formulations I’ve tried, and the price just cannot be beaten. You can afford to be a little heavier handed with it! 

Overnight Exfoliating Treatment - $6

This potent 10% blend of AHA & BHA’s (glycolic, lactic and salicylic) gives you real bang for your buck. Think along the lines of Drunk Elephant Framboos without the high price tag. Honestly, I hate the word dupe, but this really is very similar in terms of results. I’ve been applying this serum straight onto dry skin after cleansing before carrying on with the rest of my routine. Long term (over the course of 4-6weeks) it has improved the texture of my skin but overnight it works its magic especially on congestion and blemishes. There is a little tingle upon application but nothing uncomfortable, I always make sure to follow up with hydrating layers.

Silicone Free Priming Moisturiser - $14

This naturally derived silicone alternative moisturiser is surprisingly hydrating whilst being lightweight on the skin. As you would hope makeup applies beautifully over this so would be a fantastic option for those that would like to cut out the primer step and just use one product. It truly delivers. It has a light gel/cream texture that is formulated with Shea (hasn’t clogged my pores) and Macadamia seed oil. Essential fatty acids from olive oil strengthens the skins barrier whilst maintaining moisture levels. I personally apply this before my SPF and I still see benefit from the priming abilities. 

Niacinamide Serum - $6

This is the one I’ve used the least purely because the packaging doesn’t seem to play ball. The pipette doesn’t seem to pick up any product and I really struggle to get it out of the bottle. Unfortunately, I cannot really comment on the effectiveness of this serum as I just haven’t used it enough. I will say it does apply nicely to the skin and seems to play well with others. I’ve spoken to others about this serum and it seems like a generic problem with this product so it may be worth Good Molecules looking into repackaging. It’s bizarre as I don’t have the same issue with the other bottles! 

I’ve loved trying this brand, they have worked well for my skin and their formulations prove you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve results. I can gladly say that I will be replacing some of these products once finished!
Have you tried Good Molecules? I plan to try their Super Peptide serum next as I am getting into those in a big way! You can buy them through Beautylish here where shipping to the UK is free for orders over $35. 

*PR but all opinions my own, as always.

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