Tuesday, 19 November 2019


When this parcel arrived from Skincity I could not believe the generosity. So many products all housed inside a large makeup bag! Literally the dream. I am so grateful to get the opportunity to try MaketheMake as their philosophy is totally me. They have been created by skincare therapists and this is what makes them unique. They are all about ensuring their products support and care for the skin whilst providing natural coverage. Which I’m completely here for. Each product is packed with ingredients that serve a purpose by improving the condition and appearance of the skin with every application. Ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Peptides and Vitamin E. These are found in their range of makeup bag essentials (concealers, foundations, bronzers etc).

In addition to the makeup I was also sent a large collection of their own brand brushes which are made with a synthetic vegan fibre and Taklon bristles. Designed to provide flawless and easy application. They couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as my brushes have had their time and should probably be replenished! I’m not even going to admit how old they are. I’ve chucked most of my old ones and have been using these constantly since I received them. The results they give are so so good. Makeup blends quickly like a dream and they are super soft on the skin. The shapes of the brushes are quite unique, and they actually work. I would never have thought to try a flat bronzing brush, but it works amazingly! I seriously could not be happier that I have these, I will look after them and hold them dear.

Now onto the makeup. I am going to break it down by doing micro reviews of each one as I think that would be easier to digest! In no particular order…

Vitamin C Tinted Moisturiser - £22

This smells pretty bad, not going to lie. A little like hotdogs (something that you might expect if you are familiar with Vitamin C) and it comes out quite orange in colour. I didn’t think it would be the right match for me but surprisingly it blends imperceptibly into the skin! It’s a little darker than my natural skin tone but I can get away with it without looking like I’ve consumed too much sunny D!
It leaves skin feeling quite moisturised, isn’t greasy and settles down to a satin kind of finish. It’s one of those products you can pop on with your hands quickly. There isn’t much coverage, but it gives a lovely healthy look to skin and makes it look less drab. Unfortunately the smell has meant I haven’t been reaching for this as much and I have to make a conscious effort to reach for this which is a shame because it is a great product!

Niacinamide Setting Powder - £22

This loose powder is an everyday staple for me. As the name suggests it contains niacinamide and is fantastic at blurring pores and settling oiliness. I use under my eyes and on my T-zone using a small setting brush. It doesn’t crease or dry out the skin. Even though it is white in colour there is no cast or chalkiness and it blends beautifully with my skin tone. I wish they did this in a solid powder compact so I could pop in my bag!

Squalane Melting Foundation SPF30 - £22

This is a great base for when you want to add a little bit of coverage or if you want to build it up to something a bit heavier. It doesn’t cake, goes on effortlessly and isn’t a drying powder. I like to use the MaketheMake foundation brush to buff this in. It’s so quick and easy and more often than not I like to apply over tinted moisturiser for a bit more coverage. An issue I tend to have with loose foundations is that they settle into pores and look cakey but not with this. With it being infused with squalane this is what makes the difference I think as it gives a very smooth finish to the skin.

Ceramide Elastic Concealer - £18

This has been my go-to since I got it. Fantastic under the eyes and all over, it’s hydrating but doesn’t slip and slide everywhere. I find it has medium coverage and is very lightweight, I can barely feel it on the skin. It can be built up easily, a little goes a long way with this. It somehow brightens under the eyes but when applied to the face it doesn’t look glowy, more of a natural affinity with the skin. Just melts in.

Niacinamide Soft Focus Primer - £18

I’m a bit on the fence with primers, I rarely like any and most of the time I will skip this step. Not since I’ve received this one though. Seriously it’s probably the best one I’ve tried. It comes as a lightweight gel with pearl light reflecting pigments, it doesn’t feel silicone heavy and it doesn’t just sit on top of skin. It smooths and blurs pores whilst absorbing sebum and leaves a natural finish. Matte but not flat, hydrated but not greasy. It’s wonderful! The addition of niacinamide ensures it cares for skin more than a standard primer would, and rather than increasing the likelihood of a breakout this helps prevent them from happening. Would recommend this for most skins.

Vitamin E Illuminating Balm and Hyaluronic Gloss Pot - £22.50

This is a double ended little wonder. The illuminating balm is perfect as a dewy highlighter, it sits beautifully on top of skin and is what I use when I want to give my skin a little lift. A beautiful product, if you are a highlighter fan you must try this one. And it would be even more perfect for someone with dry skin as it melts in and infuses moisture. The gloss pot is such a cool product. If you love the ‘wet’ look then this will be right up your street. I personally use this on my eyelids to give a glossy sheen that is on trend right now, but you could use it as a highlighter giving you more of powerwatt sheen than what the balm would. It isn’t sticky in the slightest. This duo is the ideal travel companion.

Vitamin C Soft Compact Bronzer - £26

When I first looked at this bronzer I honestly did not think it would be the right shade match for me. It looks so much darker in the pan than on the skin. I have SB1 and it works with my skin tone perfectly, I use the bronzer brush to apply and the pay off is fantastic. I only need a small amount to give me a natural glow to the skin. It isn’orange and it doesn’t contain any glitter or shimmer. A perfect matte bronzer. There is something so attractive about the large packaging with a mirror. It's partly the reason why I wanted the Marc Jacobs O!Mega one so now I have this I'm content! 

Oil Absorbing Sheets - £9

These are a great thing to keep in your handbag, I’ve been opting to use these instead of powder to touch up my oily t-zone as they take up less space in my bag and they work. Makeup isn’t disturbed and they genuinely work at absorbing shine without drying out the skin. I’ve never used a product like this before so cannot compare to other brands but these are a great price and do the job! Highly recommend!

As you can see I’m absolutely loving MaketheMake. It is rare to try a collection and enjoy every single one! I am totally surprised and grateful to have been gifted so many products. I still want to try more though! The Melon Moisture Mist sounds gorgeous and I’ve seen people wearing the Vitamin B Flawless Filter Foundation so that’s one I want to try. The finish looks beautiful. The Bisabolol Hydrating Oil Primer looks like a must have for winter so I may have to put that on the Christmas list!

You can purchase this brand from Skincity here


Thank you for reading!xx