So the boring part....

This blog is for my own enjoyment and a way for me to have an outlet to discuss all things beauty, lifestyle or whatever I may feel like at the time. Please remember that all skins are different and something that may work for me may not work for you! I am certainly not an expert...

Starting this blog means I am well aware that from time to time I may be sent products provided by a PR company. Anything marked with an asterisk (*) has been sent to me for review purposes. As with any product on this blog, my opinion will be my own and 100% honest regardless of whether I have received it for free or not. 

Most of the time the products will have been purchased by myself, with my own money, and are in no way sponsored or affiliated with a third party unless otherwise stated. I simply blog for my own pleasure and I am in no way paid or re-reimbursed for my posts (unless specified). Transparency is very important to me. 

In regards to content, all is my own unless stated otherwise. If you wish to use any content on this blog please can I ask that you kindly respect me and credit me with a link to it's original source.

If you are part of a PR company or wish to use my content in a more commercial manner, please email me at rachael@blushandsage.co.uk 

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