Friday, 29 May 2020

Balance Me PHA Clarifying Mist* - First Impressions!

Balance Me have been one of my favourite brand discoveries this past year and they kindly sent me their new launch ahead of release so I could put it to the test! Now this is very much a first impressions, I've been using for around 2 weeks. I will share my final thoughts and further information in the next few weeks.

First off what are PHA’s?

Next generation of AHA’s! They perform the same role in that they work on the upper layers of the skin to provide a smooth, fresh surface. Over time they boost hydration and give a more firmer, refined look to the skin. Now PHA’s are different in that they have a larger molecule structure so have the ability to perform similarly but penetrate at a slower rate. Resulting in less irritation and redness that are sometimes associated to AHA’s. This is why they are an ideal option for sensitive, rosacea prone skins. The most common PHA’s are Gluconolactone and Lactobionic. I’ll go into their differences on another post. 

Let’s get onto what you came for!

What is it?

A lightweight mist which features PHA as the main component to help gently exfoliate along with antibacterial and soothing ingredients to balance, brighten and soothe skin

Who is it for?

This is designed with sensitive, oily, congested skins in mind but anyone could benefit from this gentle formula

What is in it?

Gluconolactone (PHA) is a powerful antioxidant and multitasker out of all PHA’s. It helps strengthen the skin barrier so irritation is reduced. It’s also a powerful humectant so keeps moisture locked in. Alongside that this formula also contains other notable ingredients including:
  •  Plant derived Zinc PCA to balance sebum levels
  •  Allantoin to soothe and hydrate
  •  May Chang helps prevent blemishes forming
  •  Kanuka Oil to help reduce congestion 
How I use and first impressions

I’ve been misting this onto my hands and patting onto my face. With this kind of product I much prefer this method as I feel it distributes the product better, and I don't like the idea of misting an acid based product onto my face. Of course that’s just my personal preference! I’ve been enjoying using this in the AM after cleansing before essence and serum. Texture wise it's non sticky, absorbs instantly and leaves no residue. It does give a mattifying effect to skin which will suit oilier skins. 
I feel like this routine has contributed to a slight reduction in congestion and allows other products to penetrate better. Typically I wouldn’t use a leave on acid in the AM but this is very gentle and I’ve experienced no irritation. That said I monitor my skin closely and have had breaks in between days if necessary. It’s a great booster and so far I can see it being the perfect product to rotate between stronger treatments. I did have a minor breakout this week and this definitely helped soothe and clear it up quicker. Will keep you updated!

*PR sample

RRP £18 for 30ml, you can buy here from Balance Me (non affiliate link)

Thankyou for reading xx


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