Thursday, 17 August 2017

My Battle with Congested Skin Part 3...Foreo Luna Play

This gadget was brought to my attention when one of my IG buddies Natalie from RoadtoGlow mentioned how well this works on congested skin. I was sold there and then; no more persuading was needed. At the time I was just starting to get a build-up of congestion (which is what this little series is based on) so I was hoping that it would be a welcome addition to my routine.

Recently I have been using face cloths less and less and although I realised this would not replace them I was hoping it would provide some deep cleansing action that my skin needed, without harshness. The brush type cleansing gadgets like Clarisonic have never really appealed to me as I don’t think my somewhat sensitive skin could take the abrasiveness of the bristles. Plus I like to exfoliate using acids as opposed to anything ‘manual’.

The Foreo facial brush has soft silicone ‘touch points’ which vibrate whilst 8,000 sonic pulsations per minute removes dirt, grime and dead skin cells without stripping the skin. The small flexible bristles are ’35 times’ more hygienic than nylon bristles and the device is designed to be quick drying and nonporous, which ultimately prevents bacteria build up.

Having looked into the different options I decided I didn’t want to commit to a pricey version costing over £50 without knowing if I would like it. I decided to go with the Luna Play because it’s travel friendly and doesn’t need to be charged, which is a bonus as I hate anything that requires faff or responsibility – my electric toothbrush is enough of a commitment! Apparently, it lasts for around 100 uses if used for 1 minute twice a day, and at £29 this makes it an affordable way of trying the range without parting with too much cash. An ideal stepping stone into the world of Foreo…

Although I had been pre-warned that it was the size of a cotton pad I was still taken aback at how tiny it was! Super cute, especially in the colour I chose, Pearl Pink (there are 7 other fun colour options). I just wasn’t convinced that something so small that can fit into the palm of your hand would be an effective cleansing tool. Although their website does state ‘don’t underestimate its power’! The brush has 2 zones, one which features finer touch points to cleanse sensitive/normal skin on larger areas like cheeks and forehead, whereas the thicker touch points are designed to provide a deeper cleansing action on more congested areas like the T-Zone.   

At first I wasn’t really sure what I was doing but I used with a gel cleanser applying the product to damp/wet skin and then going in with the device. I moved it around my face applying slight pressure concentrating on areas like my chin and cheeks where I had congestion. I liked the gentleness of it, and my skin did feel soft, smooth and clean afterwards, but I wasn’t particularly wowed…

I continued to use every morning for around a week, I had quite a few spots pop up which I put down to using this device. It literally brought crap (technical term) to the surface which I guess was what I wanted it to do - but obviously I would have preferred for that not to happen. The results discouraged me as I was concerned it was always going to continue bringing spots to the surface, which is great as it means clearer skin in the long run - but I didn’t want to suffer with breakouts! That makes no sense really but I’m sure you know what I am getting at. I wanted clearer skin without having to suffer first. What everyone wants in life really…

Following my initial experience, I stopped using the device, put it aside and didn’t think about it for a few weeks. That was until I started getting congestion again especially around my chin and jaw area, so I decided to give this another go and promised myself to stay consistent with it. I am so glad that I did. The first week gave me the same results as before, some spots popped up but they healed quickly and I persevered. From there it has been a smooth and easy ride with this becoming a must have in my morning routine! 

Over the last few months I would say this device has definitely helped keep congestion to a minimum and when I do get a build-up it is usually down to my diet or hormones, which unfortunately just has to be ridden out. I no longer ‘purge’ but it does help encourage spots to come to a head which means I can clear them quicker. If I fall off the wagon using this (which I have done a few times) I can tell! My skin doesn’t feel as smooth or bright. Consistent use is where you see the best results otherwise you don’t really notice any benefits using it sporadically….

For me the biggest difference in using this has been the improvement of my skin texture and reduction in congestion around my chin area. It does a truly fantastic job at deeply cleansing and unclogging pores, which has made the overall appearance of my skin look more refined. My favourite way to use this is paired with the IS Clinical Cleansing Complex. Makeup applies much nicer and products absorb more efficiently afterwards, which makes me feel so much better spending out on skincare products!

I would highly recommend introducing Luna Play into your regime if you have congested, dull skin or if you just generally want to amp things up a bit. Suitable for most skin types including sensitive it’s the cutest little beauty gadget around and at £29 it is much more affordable and efficient than its counterparts. I mainly use in the morning so it will last me ages as I don’t want to subject my skin to too much - I find this is enough to keep my skin balanced. Saying that if I’ve had a day in the city then I use this as part of my 2nd Cleanse to get a deeper clean and ensure pollution exposure doesn’t wreak havoc! This would be an ideal tool for city living folks!

This gadget brings a whole new level of skincare technology to your routine as well as being quick and easy to use, giving an added boost to the effectiveness of cleansing. It seems to be able to remove more blemish causing impurities than what washing by hand can do, without that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling. I’ll definitely be repurchasing when the battery gives up on me!

I’d love to know whether you guys have tried this and if you are a fan of facial brushes? It is available here from Cult Beauty if you fancy giving it a whirl.

Thanks for reading xx


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