Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Air-Drying Essentials...

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like as soon as summer comes around they want to put down the hair dryer? Actually, this is me most of the year. I just can’t be bothered to be honest plus it saves time, money and energy! Therefore, I am always on the hunt for products/tools that leave my hair with a bit of shape and texture without using heat. These have been my most favourite finds so far…

Parlor by Jeff Chastain Detangling Leave in Conditioner - £17.00 buy here

I love a good leave in conditioner to ensure my hair is soft and manageable out of the shower. To me this is an essential step when it comes to air drying and one I couldn’t be without. I have tried so many it’s unreal but not sure if I have ever finished a full bottle (unbelievably)! Most of the time they get passed on my mum if they don’t pass the test! I first tried this one when a decent sized sample came in the monthly beauty subscription Birchbox. From there it was love and I knew I had to buy the full size.

This has a lightweight texture which instantly detangles as the name would suggest and it doesn’t leave any residue or sticky feeling which is a common issue with many leave in’s I’ve tried. It manages to leave my hair looking healthy and soft whilst also providing thermal protection should you wish to use heat tools. The formula decreases frizz but gives my hair a bit of texture rather than it being left silky smooth to the point you can’t ‘rough it up’ if you know what I mean. The main ingredients are Sweet Almond extract, Vitamin B5 and Nettle, these combined keep the hair and scalp moisturised while protecting hair fibre and adding shine. I’m not sure how but together the fragrance is so unique. Like fresh peaches and cut grass! Such a bizarre scent but it really works! All products by Jeff are without sulfates, parabens and are cruelty free which is of course an added bonus. Another issue I have is a lot of products irritate my scalp but this doesn’t. An absolute repurchase for me but I do still like to try others. Let me know if you have any recommendations?

Rahua Voluminous Spray - £25.50 buy here
This was an off-chance purchase due to seeing it on sale through Naturismo. I haven’t tried any other products from the brand but since buying this I’ve heard lots of good things so looking forward to investing in the shampoo and conditioner soon!
This spray is designed to provide light hold giving hair shape and texture whilst keeping it fresher for longer by breaking down excess oil. A true multitasker! The formula is 100% natural organic and I feel it really stands out because of this. To create volume in the hair without tons of chemicals is no mean feat and Rahua have nailed it using organic citrus juices (lemon and lemongrass) blended with lavender, corn silk, linseed, sugarcane and eucalyptus. I love applying a few sprays of this to my roots once towel dried, and then leaving it to do its thing. My hair is left bouncy and soft but not sticky. It leaves hair looking naturally full and fresh. Other ways I use this is in between washes, it has shape memory which means that you can easily mess it up and then recreate style. A few sprays around the roots and crown gives hair oomph and gets rid of any oil build up leaving it looking refreshed. This has become an absolute haircare essential for me and I think it would suit most hair types that are wanting to create volume without stiffness and are wanting a versatile product without harsh chemicals.

Classic Wetbrush £11.99 buy here

This is a complete saviour for detangling hair without ripping and breaking strands! As the name suggests this is to be used when hair is damp. I like to lightly towel dry and then get to work. This runs through the hair easily and gets out any knots. This type of brush is a saviour in my routine and I much prefer it to other’s I’ve tried like the tangle teezer which seemed to constantly fly out of my hands because it didn’t have a non-slip handle like this one! I will continue to repurchase always as it has literally changed my hair styling life, as dramatic as that sounds. It works for all hair types so I urge you to go get your hands on one immediately!

Aquis Microfibre Towel £30.00 buy here

This towel is perfect for prepping an air-dried style and is the best way I’ve found to prevent frizz and knots. As soon as I get out the shower I squeeze out excess water with my hands and then lightly use an old cotton t-shirt to squeeze out the rest of the moisture. I then wrap my hair into a turban using this. My hair dries so much faster and leaves my hair soft and doesn’t damage the hair shaft which is essential if you are wanting to create an effortless air dried style without creating a bushy dishevelled mess! You are left with hair that has a piece-y texture meaning natural waves can be yours! Keep a look out for these in TK Maxx as they usually sell them for a lot cheaper, that’s where I picked mine up.  

OGX Moroccan Surf Paste £6.99 buy here

As a finishing touch, I like to add this product to create further texture. Going nowhere near the roots I warm a tiny bit of this in my fingers and apply by scrunching into the ends of my hair gently. This leaves hair soft and with a matte finish which gives the beachy style I am always looking for. Usually I would hate any form of wax, paste or gel but a small amount of this really gives hair a relaxed vibe without feeling sticky or leaving any residue. It contains argan oil to moisturise, sea kelp to condition and sea salt to give texture and separate out strands. Perfect for summer waves! 

Do you have any tips for air-drying your hair? 

Thanks for reading xx

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