Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser...

Lush claims that this is their bestselling cleanser and their ‘holy grail/desert island essential’ and I do think that this is certainly an overlooked product in the beauty world. When mooching round the store last I wasn’t looking for a new cleanser, but when I had a quick glance at the 10 ingredients I was sold straight away! It sounded like a traditional cold cream and this small pot was only £7.95 for 45ml so it went in my basket without any hesitation. It’s a great size to start off with.

Designed to work for all skin types this is an extremely gentle thick cream which I believe would be suitable for all skin types even sensitive. It is definitely a cleanser I go to when my skin is feeling unhappy. To be honest I wasn’t really expecting to be overly impressed with the simple chemical free formulation, but it is truly excellent! Far from ‘bland’! Some of the ingredients include beeswax which naturally helps melt off the waxes found in makeup, almond oil which is known for its hydrating properties, rose water which helps with calming the skin and honey which is a well-known antiseptic.

I’ve found the best way to use this is as a first cleanse to remove makeup. When applied to dry skin it melts down to an oilier texture and provides a fantastic massage. It really grips to the skin and feels like you are deep cleansing and getting rid of everything. It does also remove eye makeup well without stinging, but I prefer using a micellar water or dedicated eye makeup remover personally. In my opinion this cleanser is best removed with a hot cloth otherwise residue is left due to the heaviness and waxiness of the cream. Even though Lush suggest using cotton wool, I wouldn’t advise this. Especially if you are prone to clogged pores/congestion. Saying that, I haven’t ever had breakouts or congestion from this but I think that’s because I do ensure that it is thoroughly removed! Also only a small amount is required, using a big dollop may result in your face looking like a greaseball!

Although there is nothing particularly exciting about this product I like the simplicity of it the most. There are no big claims and no fancy fragrance, in fact there isn’t much of a fragrance at all, (very similar to traditional cold creams and a bit like play-doh!). But it does the job of cleansing remarkably well. The butter like consistency is satisfying to rub all over your face and the end result is soft, hydrated skin.


I would urge anyone to try this as the price point is excellent and it is a fantastic cleanser to keep in your stash because sometimes you just want gentle and simple, right?! You can buy this cleanser here 

Has anyone tried this or do you have any other skincare recommendations from Lush?

Thanks for reading xx

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