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A Selection of 1st and 2nd Cleansers...

When I was first introduced to double cleansing through reading Caroline Hirons blog (hallelujah!) I got myself questioning what counts as a 1st cleanser or a 2nd cleanser? There are so many different types around so I thought I’d do a roundup of what are in my current collection. If any of you follow my Instagram you will know I have changed my strategy when it comes to cleansing. I have decided to be consistent with 2 or 3 cleansers till they are empty, and then move on to a few more etc. That way I can fully test a product and use it up within its expiry. I know many of you struggle with the same thing that I do, and that having so many on the go means you are not really using any up or fully appreciating the results they can give! Anyway moving on…

It’s worth noting I only double cleanse in the evening and always with a warm flannel. My skin cannot tolerate muslin cloths, they seem to irritate my skin and prove too harsh so a good cheap flannel from Asda or the such like does a great job! I gently sweep and buff it across my face, I don’t want to look like I’ve been scoured!

For me a 1st Cleanse is all about removing makeup and impurities, generally I will use a balm or oil to do this as I find these the most effective. Never a face wipe!! God no. For this step I try not to spend a lot of money as they don’t sit on the skin for long. The following are my current choices:

Clinique Take the Day off Balm – this is a freebie sample size – 125ml retails at £22.00 from Boots:

I got this sample as a freebie with another purchase, I have used the cleansing milk and oil from the TTDO range before and loved them, they are extremely effective at what they are designed to do. I was pleased I received this as I had been looking for a small pot to try before deciding whether to fork out on the full size (bearing in mind this is the most expensive cleanser of all my 1st cleansers). But to be fair this literally cuts through makeup like a knife through butter, so the price I think is justifiable! I love that its fragrance free and extremely gentle so suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. It leaves skin soft and not stripped. I love it but it is more than I would spend for a 1st cleanser, though saying that it probably is the best out of the bunch for makeup removal as it disintegrates everything including waterproof mascara, leaving skin super clean. It would also last you absolutely ages as only a small amount is required. Full review on this is in the pipeline…

Lush Ultrabland - £7.45 for 45g or £12.95 for 100g:

This is a fairly new purchase for me as I got it on a whim when I happened to appear in a Lush shop ;) I was originally looking at ‘Angels on bare skin’ but having decided that the ingredients were too harsh for me I picked up Ultrabland. The description really appealed to me. A basic non fuss cleanser that is made with gentle and simple yet effective ingredients (almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey). I love this! It is exactly what I look for in a 1st cleanser, it also helps that it leaves my skin so soft and glowy afterwards and doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin! Bear in mind though that this doesn’t emulsify so it will need to be removed with a damp cloth or cotton wool.

Botanics Dual Action Hydration Burst Cleanser - £4.00 for 125ml from Boots:

This is a gel/balm to oil which removes makeup effectively. For the price you can’t go wrong! It appeared in my recent Bargain Buys post – link here It does take more massaging than the others, and it doesn’t really make skin feel anything special, but it does the job and I will continue to use this and may even repurchase at some point just purely because of the price point. Can’t comment on whether it removes heavy makeup as I haven’t used this on a full face, but for the price you can apply twice as there is no fear of it breaking the bank!

Una Brennan Vitamin C Cleansing Oil - £10.99 from Boots:

An oldie but a goodie, I have already been through 1 bottle of this cleansing oil. It is excellent for waking up the skin as its smells of oranges! I know for some it can be too overpowering, almost like kitchen cleaner! But I like it… Despite the scent it doesn’t break me out or aggravate me and it contains some lovely ingredients including grapeseed, rosehip and olive oils, rosemary oil, vitamin e and cucumber oil. You can get a really good massage with this lightweight oil and it does transform into a milky texture upon contact with water. Decently priced and you get a lot for your money, this will last you a long time. Highly recommend!  

Now onto 2nd cleansers, these are where I spend the most money and I really do like to indulge in a bit of luxury here. I choose 2nd cleansers based on how I want to treat my skin and what ingredients I want to treat it with. I deeply massage the product in and allow it to sit on my skin whilst I brush my teeth before removing with a warm flannel (same as my 1st cleanser). Without a doubt, cleansing is my most favourite step along with applying facial oil! I just love the whole process of taking time to massage my skin and inhale beautiful scents. It helps me relax and have some ‘me time’. There are so many cleansers I have been enjoying recently, but the ones below are what I’ve been using in rotation:

Jordan Samuel Plie - $24.00, ships to the UK (currently on sale for $20.00!):

This purchase came from a lot of people within the skincare community on Instagram enabling me! At the time of looking Jordan had a fantastic sale on so I decided to go mad and buy his whole line and I can confess, I have fallen in love. (A full review on the line will be coming shortly so watch this space). I have been using this cleanser on and off for the past month or so and OMG I love it! In fact, I haven’t got a bad word to say about any of his products.  This cleanser smells delightful, think mangoes but not in an overpowering way. It provides a brilliant massage and treats skin beautifully. Can be used as a 1st cleanse as well (cuts through makeup exceptionally) but because of the lush ingredients I like to save this for a 2nd/morning cleanse. More to follow on this wonderful product…

Holistic Green Beauty Chocolate Balm - £45.00 for 100ml:

This is a new purchase for me, I cracked it open after I used up my Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm recently (love! – see recent review). I found this company through following beauty blogs on Instagram and this cleanser really piqued my interest and sounded amazing! Who wouldn’t want to slather chocolate all over their face?! The brand bases themselves on creating luxurious and effective natural beauty products which are all 100% natural and organic. This particular product is 97.55% organic.  First impressions are that it smells very natural of proper cacao butter and provides an excellent deep cleanse. It’s a solid balm which turns into oil upon contact with the face. I like to massage it between my hands so it melts and then I apply, a little goes a long way! Some of the ingredients included are Acai Berry, Cacao extract, Green Tea and Rosehip plus many more natural ingredients. So far I’ve noticed my skin really glows after one use of this and appears calm. I am looking forward to using more and will be sure to do a full review once properly trialled.

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil - £54.00 from Cult Beauty:

I’m not going to say too much on this as I have a blog post coming up soon dedicated to Tata Harper cleansers, but I can honestly say this is a wonderful cleansing oil. It feels such a treat to use and smells beautiful. Although I use as a 2nd cleanse it does remove makeup very well, so much so I sometimes just use this cleanser for both steps if I am feeling lazy! I’m reaching out for this more now that it’s autumn/winter as it keeps skin soft and balanced. It is expensive but I would repurchase. The ingredients are worth it and the texture of this oil is so silky! Gorgeous! Full review coming soon…

Balmology Neroli and Sweet Basil Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm - £27.00:

This is a gorgeous, beautiful balm which leaves skin feeling fantastic. This doesn’t emulsify so it needs to be removed with a flannel or muslin, but I really enjoy the process. Inhaling the scent is so calming, so it’s perfect for use at night when you are wanting to wind down. The ingredients list is excellent (made with 99% organic ingredients). I reviewed this fully here - so won’t discuss any further  :)

So there we have it, a little round up of some 1st and 2nd cleansers in my current stash, I’ve just got to work my way through them all! Have you tried any of these?

Thanks for reading xx


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